Making Use of ‘Flows’

Flows allow for short-term conversational linking, which adheres to the following format: WHEN BOT SAYS: HiAND USER SAYS: HiTHEN BOT SAYS: How are you? Flows are designed to detect exact answers to Text 2, provided Text 2 is the answer to Text 1. If there is any variation on the user’s answer, the “chain” will […]

Making Use of ‘Keywords’

Keywords work an absolute treat when combined with the regular teaching system (and with flows). Keywords are designed to pick up on specified topics, i.e. “lemons” – so that whenever somebody mentions the word  “lemons” – even as part of a larger query – your bot will respond with a reply, provided you have already […]

Tips & Tricks: Teach Your Bot provides a range of tools to assist you in the creation of an engaging chatbot. Random Answers When a chatbot does not know an answer, it will provide what’s known as a random answer based on a list that is totally at the discretion of you – the creator. Random answers can be crafted […]

An Introduction to Chatbot Creation

So, you’re interested in creating a chatbot. We don’t need to know why – and frankly – we don’t want to know why. Over the past decade, interest in chatbots has increased, but due to the current limitations of technology, some of the A.I. industry’s greatest minds still can’t simulate realistic human consciousness. There are […]

How to make a chatbot for your Discord server without coding?

It’s very easy to create a chatbot on and then add it to Discord. The first step is to create your own chatbot. Click here to start. After creating your chatbot, go to the Integrations section and connect it to your Discord account. Click on the connect button and it will show you the […]

Calculator App: Your bot can perform basic math operations

We have built a new app that gives your bot the ability to perform basic math operations. Supported operators include + – * / ^ , as well as brackets, nested and unlimited levels. You can simply enable the app in Apps Section You can see how smart is my bot now 😃

Make your bot funnier with a random dad joke app

You can make your bot funnier by installing a joke app on it. Go to create app page. And create an app with the following URL And after that just go to your bot and simply type “tell me a joke” It will tell you a random dad joke from ⚠️Warning: Some jokes […]

How to detect important keywords in chat?

Sometimes user can ask a question which is not defined in the knowledge base of your bot but it contains some important keyword for you. In this case, you don’t want to leave the user without an answer. It is possible to reply to the question with the answer of the defined keyword. It is […]

How your bot can use hyperlinks in a conversation?

You can use the following format to use hyperlinks in your bot. [url=]Test Link[/url] And the output is This feature is available only for premium 🎖accounts.

How to greet registered users by name?

Adding personalization can be a really nice way to increase engagement with users who chat with your bot. It is now possible to use the name of a registered user in your greeting_message and answers. Just use the {{guest_name}} variable for name and it will be dynamically replaced with the name of the current user. […]

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